Case Study - Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program

Hydro Power Project Springfield Anglican College 2018 The Springfield Anglican College Year 10 Altitude classroom in partnership with STEM Punks, has offered a group of our high ability students the opportunity to challenge themselves in a non-traditional classroom context, where the emphasis is on extended problem solving and autonomous learning. There is also a focus on supporting students to understand and develop key 21st Century skills, as recognised through our TSAC Learner Framework. This semester, students have focussed on critical and creative thinking skills , collaboration, and reflective learning. Students undertook an extended project in which they needed to develop a mini hydr

Time to rethink education.

After travelling the past month around the USA, I have found Australia has some rather striking similarities. Education is progressing slowly, the divide between the have and have-nots is increasing and the teachers are frustrated. Now I can see the frustration - an enthusiastic student comes out of University to enter teaching, only to be welcomed with consistent data reforms, administration pressures and an unrelenting pressure from society to be mistake free. A teacher never came into the job for this - a teacher is a person that chooses to inspire, educate and make a difference... how can this happen when you are told what to teach, how to teach and when to teach. Learning was never mean

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