This model introduces new features to increase student safety including:


  • Door Windows and Hood
    All new additions in this model; and combine to completely enclose and finger-proof this machine. The door also has has a sensor that can pause prints & instantly cool the nozzle (turn this on or off in the LCD menu)
  • Full surround nozzle with rapid cooling
    The nozzle has a full surround making it almost impossible to get burnt. The door pause feature also activates nozzle cooling, lowers bed and sets hot end to back of machine - to further reduce risk of burning to inquisitive fingers.
  • Slide out Glass bed
    The tough glass bed is fully encased to there is no risk of it breaking. the casing slides out like a drawer, making print removal safe and easy
  • Professional Resolution
    We were astounded when the Finder came out, and this machine maintains that excellent standard of printing. It is not as incredible at overhangs as the Guider 2, but still far superior to its rivals. 


  • Connection and Communication
    Large colour LCD touch screen makes communication simple, with print thumbnails in the menu, which is lovely. You can print files via: 
    - USB finger
    - USB cable to your PC (Mac, Win or Linux)
    - WiFi 


  • Basic stats
    - 150 x 140 x 140 mm build size
    - Single High Quality Extruder

Flashforge Finder 2 - 3D Printer

SKU: SP-FF-Finder-2