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 Questions & Answers 

What is STEM?


Science. Technology. Engineering. Maths. According to a report by PwC in April 2015, 75% of all future jobs will require knowledge of STEM. The more your child can engage with these subjects, the better their future prospects are. A lot of these subjects are not addressed in the current Australian curriculum. STEM Punks takes geeky subjects and makes them cool. STEM Punks kids are cool kids! 

What is coding and why is it important for my child?


Coding is the language of computers. By learning how to code, we can learn how to control computers and apply their processing power. There are many coding languages, in our beginner classes we use a programming framework called Scratch which was invented by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and software by the MIT Media Lab. This framework for learning coding is based on visual learning aids and makes it easy for kids to understand how to code. 

What can my child create with coding?


Coding can be used in many applications, from controlling home electronics to advanced scientific devices, the imagination of the child is the only limit to what can be created. Through our coding programs we inspire our learners to think creatively and explore how coding can be applied in every day life.

What do my child need to bring to the classes?


All equipment is supplied by STEMPunks, no need to bring anything but your endless imagination and favourite "Thinking Cap".