STEM Punks - Learning through play

Our learning process at STEM Punks is based on 'play'. As kids, we learn through play. We explore and interact with our environment to understand how things work. As we grow older, we tend to forget the importance of play and we turn to traditional methods of 'teacher-learner knowledge transfer'. As Ken Robinson explains in this entertaining and informative video, learning through play is such a fundamental process, that we at STEM Punks believe should be preserved and nurtured.

All our programs have an element of play where we explore the different facets of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). For example, coding can be a heavy-duty subject, but through methods like storytelling, our learners will develop an understanding of how coding can be used as a valuable tool to tell these stories.

Through our robotics classes, we explore how human-machine interaction can help in everyday life. We learn how sensors interact with the environment and how robots learn and react to their surrounds.

Making STEM education fun is in our DNA. It is our mission to inspire and develop future innovators.

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