Case Study - Remote Area STEM Programs

Remote Area STEM Program

Lockhart River State School 2018


Lockhart River State School worked with STEM Punks to create immersive an immersive STEM experience for their primary and secondary year students. The program was developed to enable an environment for hands-on learning an to spark an interest in STEM subjects. The program was delivered over four days and the content was tailored to suit the individual student skill-levels and alignment with the Australian Curriculum.

As an introduction to coding, the students were exposed to Visual Block Coding as a first step. Concepts including algorithms, repetition and branching were presented as coding challenges to get the students interested and motivated. Problem solving and teamwork were key strategies to enable the development of social skills as well as STEM skills.

Once the students reached a level of comfort with their coding techniques, the introduction of Drones and Robotics enabled a deeper level of learning and application of STEM tools. The students explored the physics of Drone flight and learned how to code and control Drones and Robots.

Teacher Professional Development was conducted with both primary and secondary school teachers to up-skill in the application of Coding, Drones and Robotics in STEM Education. The approach of hands-on workshops enabled the teachers from varying backgrounds in STEM to actively participate and up-skill in the delivery of STEM content.

The outcome from this program showed an increased interest in STEM learning from the students. The program content and delivery methods also enabled development of social skills and teamwork.

Steve Mills - Secondary Teacher, Lockhart River State School

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