The STEM Punks Innovation Sports April Holiday Competition

The brief: Design a dream house that will still be amazing in 50 years time

This month, students added ‘house design’ to their list of school holiday activities! Despite all the interruptions to school and life that the pandemic has caused, Innovation Sports Clubs have started in schools to give students the chance to learn the Design Thinking framework. This six-part process teaches students how to explore a topic, define it, discuss ideas, prototype a solution, test it, and then iterate it into a final design.

STEM Punks Innovation Sports takes this framework and adds a STEM-focused challenge, teamwork, and Minecraft, all with the feel of a sports competition. As a bonus activity for all the students who have joined clubs so far, the April Holiday Competition asked them to consider:

‘Design a dream house that will still be amazing in 50 years' time’. Students were asked to keep to the 45 minute build time that Innovation Sports competitions use so they didn’t spend too much holiday time on screens. Once complete, they simply had to email five screenshots showing off their creation to their club coach so it could be forwarded on to STEM Punks for judging. One of the participating students wrote to their teacher: “I enjoyed this school holiday project and look forward to coming back to school to continue with Innovation Sports. I hope I get into the final 5! 😁”

As soon as the April school holidays had finished, judging of the many high quality entries began. The range of ideas and interpretations of the challenge have inspired the judging team, who aim to show them off to future participants to help inspire them in turn. For all those who worked on a design, well done! You’ll be so much more practiced for the next club competition.

It was decided that the bragging rights would go to the top 5 students who represented the most complete and inventive ideas, as determined by the four Innovation Sports criteria of Viability, Creativity, Resilience and Minecraft Technical skills. And without any further ado, here they are.

Congratulations to these kids and everyone who submitted for their wonderful future house designs!

M Fuller- Mitchelton State School

M Nathan - North Shore State School

N Payne - North Shore State School

Danny group - Woodcroft College

Jasmine - Woodcroft College

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