Teacher Professional Development

 Teacher Professional Development 

Upskilling teachers to achieve

excellence in STEM education

Our Teacher Professional Development Workshops have been developed as fun and hands-on experiences. We acknowledge that teachers have a range of pre-cursor knowledge of STEM and the content we provide is easy to understand without technical jargon.


We look forward to upskilling you at our next Teacher PD event!

Immersive Online Teacher PD Workshops

Immersive Online Teacher PD Workshops developed and delivered by Teachers.
In-School Teacher PD Workshops
Teacher Professional Development delivered in-school with all learning material supplied.
What our customers say

“This was an excellent opportunity for our staff. STEM Punks provided information in easily accessible formats and was able to offer something to everyone, from novice coder to those with some experience of more complicated coding platforms. Everyone was thoroughly engaged and it has provided momentum for revisiting digital technologies and how to make it an important part of our curriculum from the early years into secondary. Drones for use in agriculture was a great ‘hook’ in our community."

Jenny Kent - Principal Millmerran State P-10 School